Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scrapebox Power Pack #3

Tired of spending countless hours searching for blogs to comment on? Did you buy Scrapebox and haven’t the slightest clue on how to get your money’s worth?

Save yourself the time and frustration and start climbing to the top of the search engines. presents all in one link building packages for use with Scrapebox. Each list is built to provide you the best in SERP busting quality. Sit back and watch as you take down your competition with ease and start earning big from your #1 spot.

Scrapebox Power Pack #3:

Auto-Approve List

Stop wasting your time with public auto approve lists and cheap Fiverr deals that only hurt your website rankings. My auto approve packs are freshly harvested/tested and includes hundreds of Do Follow and .EDU links ready to bring your website to the top. These lists are fast poster compatible and contain mainly WordPress blogs.
  • 222,481 Unique Auto-Approve URL’s ready for Commenting
  • 7,214 Unique Auto-Approve Domains
  • 4,345 Unique Auto-Approve DO-FOLLOW URL’s on 48 Domains
  • 331 Auto Approve links on 20 .EDU Domains

Moderated List

Moderated comments need approval from the blog administrator before your link will go live. Luckily, using the new included comment file with this package you will see a much higher percentage of approved comments than using old heavily spammed comment files. You will also find Do-Follow (w/ Domain PR), .EDU and .GOV lists included with this package!
  • 853,376 Mod Approved URL’s
  • 711,205 Mod Approved Unique Domains
  • 227,315 Do-Follow URLs w/ Domain PR 0-6 Url’s ready for commenting on 2,822 Domains!(Domain PR Breakdown: PR65 | PR5: 38 | PR4: 115 | PR3300 | PR2: 380 | PR1:401 | PR0: 1583)
  • 92,407 .EDU links on 1,205 .EDU Domains
  • 8,572 .GOV Urls on 108 .GOV Domains

Slow Poster List

Slow poster is a heavily under used feature inside Scrapebox. Many websites/blogs use an image captcha to moderate their comments, using these lists will guarantee you a large amount of low OBL pages ready for the prime time! (Requires De-Captcha Service)
  • 27,396 Comment Ready URL’s
  • 26,933 Unique Slow Poster Domains
  • 13,479 Do-Follow URLs w/ Domain PR 0-6 Url’s ready for commenting on 311 Domains!(Domain PR Breakdown: PR61 | PR5: 1 | PR4: 7 | PR314 | PR2: 26 | PR1: 39 | PR0: 228)
  • 8,881 .EDU links on 259 .EDU Domains
  • 1,918 .GOV links on 10 .GOV Domains

Unique Spintax Comment List

Each package comes with 100 Spinnable Comments. This list will generate thousands of different comments with each new post. Comment list is valued at $40 alone!

New to Scrapebox? Don’t stess!

Every purchase includes a 12 page step by step guide on using your new Scrapebox power pack. Following this guide will show you exactly what you need to do and how while increasing performance by over 200%!
This guide will show you how to:
  • Configure your computer/scrapebox for maximum performance
  • Harvesting Proxies (Private proxies are suggested)
  • Create new and unique Names and Emails for posting
  • Comprehensive Posting and Link Checking walk-through
  • Avoiding the Sandbox (Tips on how to maximize this list safely)
  • Common problems and solutions
  • And More…!
  • Plus you will receive all future updates free of charge!

Additional Details

Once this pack is sold out, I will release an additional supplement Auto Approve list (Including Do-Follow & EDU) to everyone that has purchased this month’s power pack. You will not find a single duplicate domain or URL from any of my previous lists, each package is freshly harvested.
Each list contained in this package is tested multiple times before release. The lists are run through blog analyzer and live check at least three times each, removing 404′d links, unknown platforms and timed out links. By following these strict quality control guidelines, it insures you are receiving the highest quality and longest lasting lists.
Additionally, when you purchase from me you will receive priority access and exclusive discount on all future lists/products I release.

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